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The combination of pâte de verre and crystal yields an exquisite work of art.
Below are some of the soliflors (bud vases) from Daum.

Arum Soliflor
Arum small and large Soliflors
ref. 7 1/2" and 8 1/2"




Butterfly Soliflor
Butterfly Soliflor
ref. 7 7/8"


Bacchus Amethyst SoliflorBacchus Pastel SoliflorFigs Soliflor
Bacchus Amethyst Soliflor - Bacchus Pastel Soliflor - Figues (Figs) Soliflor


Mermaids SoliflorPoissons SoliflorDarjeena Soliflor
Mermaids Soliflor - Poissons (Fish) Soliflor - Darjeena Soliflor


Mimosa SoliflorVolubilis SoliflorNature - Frog Soliflor
Mimosa Soliflor - Volubilis Soliflor - Grenouille (Frog) Soliflor


Nature - Lizard Soliflor
Nature - Lézard (Lizard) Soliflor
ref. 7 7/8"

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