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The variety and blending of colors on the pâte de verre ornamental dishes is stunning.
This is another sample of some of the exquisite work released in previous years from Daum.


Figs - large ornamental dishIris - ornamental dish
Marly - ornamental dishLizard - large ornamental dish
Figs - Large Ornamental Dish
Marly - Ornamental Dish
Iris - Ornamental Dish
Lizard - Large Ornamental Dish


Dragonfly - large ornamental dish
Frog - large ornamental dish
Scarab - large ornamental dish
From the Nature series:
Libellule - Dragonfly - Large Ornamental Dish
Grenouille - Frog - Large Ornamental Dish
Scarabée - Scarab - Large Ornamental Dish


Snail - large ornamental dish
Escargot - Snail - Large Ornamental Dish




Volubilis - large ornamental dish
Volubilis - Large Ornamental Dish


Butterfly - large ornamental dish
Papillon - Butterfly - Large Ornamental Dish

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