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James C. Christensen "The Professor of Imagination"

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The Greenwich Workshop Collection

The Greenwich Workshop Collection

The Greenwich Workshop® Collection of Limited Edition Bronze Sculptures by James C. Christensen.

The bronze sculptures of James C. Christensen are as coveted by collectors as his fine art
limited edition canvases and prints. Meticulously crafted and superbly detailed, these
sculptures are sure to grace the lives of collectors for generations to come.

The Fish Walker - Not listed in The Greenwich Workshop catalog. Not available.

The Candleman - Not listed in The Greenwich Workshop catalog. Not available.

Bird Hunters - Not listed in The Greenwich Workshop catalog. Not available.

A Lawyer More than Adequately Attired in Fine Print - Edition Size: 200 (October 1999)

Sleeper, Lost in Dreams - Edition Size: 100 (December 2005) Image size: 9"w x 24"h

Benediction - Edition Size: 100 (June 2006) Image size: 10 1/2"w x 20"h

False Magic - Edition Size: 100 (July 2008) Image size: 14"w x 20"h

The last four Limited Edition Bronze Sculptures are currently available through The Greenwich Workshop.


A Lawyer More than Adequately Attired in Fine Print
A Lawyer More than Adequately Attired in Fine Print

In a world of black and white, this attorney feels more at ease in the gray areas. He contemplates the implications of a grain of truth - which is more than enough for a lawyer to build an entire case out of. His jacket displays an adequate supply of loopholes. His tastes run toward fine print albeit . . . he has his assistant check the print for him. A stuffed (and rather moldy) owl sits straped securely to his shoulder to give him an appearance of wisdom. His watch records the billing hours not in minutes but in dollars and . . . he's billing you even as you read this!


Sleeper Lost In Dreams
Sleeper, Lost in Dreams

"We are, each of us, angels with only one wing. And we can only fly embracing each other." — Luciano De Crescenzo

"In dreams, it is said that wings represent a release of creative forces, that they give us the ability to understand and transcend the human condition," Christensen says of Sleeper, Lost in Dreams. "In religion, wings appear on angels, faeries, spirits and demons. In mythology, winged creatures are often messengers of the gods; they are a symbol of freedom and spirituality and a character having one wing is said to be lost in dreams."

Following in the tradition of his previous four bronze sculptures, we present Sleeper, Lost in Dreams. Meticulously crafted and superbly detailed, this sculpture is sure to grace the lives of collectors for generations to come.



"I have always used the floating fish to symbolize the presence of life's magic," says Jim Christensen. "Occasionally, I've wondered whether these little guys are bringing the magic with them or are the result of it. Who is the recipient of the benediction? Is the angel blessing the fish, or in another way, is the fish blessing the angel … blessing her by its presence? The Latin on the ring, Beatus est Pisciculus, translates as "Blessed is the Little Fish." Regardless of which came first, the angel or the fish, it's important to stop and take the time to be thankful for the magic in our lives."


False Magic
False Magic

In the fantastic world of James C. Christensen's paintings, fish are a symbol of magic and wisdom. "Their floating presence in the air reminds us that anything is possible," says Christensen," and those touched or surrounded by fish are considered truly blessed. When the fish don't arrive, however, sometimes a person will take matters into his own hands, with compelling but less-than-convincing results.

"When The Greenwich Workshop first approached me about transforming False Magic into a bronze sculpture I was surprised, but it turned out to be a brilliant idea. As soon as we had constructed the rigging I knew it was going to be great; the creative work and art of many people have taken False Magic and made it real magic." Meticulously crafted, superbly detailed and stunningly translated into three dimensions, this sculpture will provide real magic wherever it finds a home.

Each porcelain and Pearl Bisque™ piece in The Greenwich Workshop® Collection has a "year mark" to signify the year the piece was produced. Click the specific James Christensen year marks below, for a list of the pieces introduced in that year.
fish - 1995
faerie - 1996
HMS Basset - 1997
four-leaf clover - 1998
1995 Year Mark 1996 Year Mark 1997 Year Mark 1998 Year Mark 1999 Year Mark
2000 Year Mark 2001 Year Mark 2002 Year Mark 2003 Year Mark 2004 Year Mark
  2006 Year Mark   Limited Edition Bronze  

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