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PJ and James C. Christensen - The Greenwich Workshop
James C. Christensen "The Professor of Imagination"

The Greenwich Workshop: James C. Christensen

The Greenwich Workshop

James C. Christensen
James C. Christensen

James C. Christensen & Gregory Editions Fine Art

James C. Christensen
  A framed MASTERWORK CANVAS EDITION of Cecelia by James C. Christensen
James ChristensenI was raised right next to the old Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios. My friends and I would jump the fence at night and land right in the middle of a Western town or Tarzan's jungle. I never forgot the delight of seeing both the fantasy and the reality that went into it, so that's what I want to achieve with my own world of art – to provide a point of departure for the viewer's imagination. Using imagination is a journey, a voyage that anyone can make – but it has no historically accurate destination. It is a thought, where one can discover the ordinary in the extraordinary. In other words, a "land a little left of reality."
— J.C.

Six Bird Hunters in Full Camouflage
Six Bird Hunters in Full Camouflage
Print by James C. Christensen
(Sold Out at Publisher)

While attending the Long Beach Collectible Exhibition in April 1997, I asked Chris Usher if Jim was ever going to make the sixth bird hunter. He whispered, "come back on Sunday." I was so excited, he had a resin sample of the "Wetland Bird Hunter," and I was one of the first to see it!


When Jim was signing at a local show,
I asked where the Bird Hunter was!

JC Hammer

He only left me the hammer!

Wetland Bird Hunter
Wetland Bird Hunter
Limited to 3,000
(Sold Out at Publisher)

The Legend of the Wetland Bird Hunter

This cleverly camouflaged "bird bonker," a favorite character of Christensen's, is more proud of his technique than his prowess in actually bagging unwary birds with his long-handled hammer. It honors anyone who knows that the journey is often more important than the destination. He is the latest of these entertaining characters, and is, in fact, the seemingly missing sixth man in one of Christensen's most beloved limited edition fine art prints, Six Bird Hunters in Full Camouflage.



fishfish fish

Sometimes the Spirit Touches us Through Our Weaknesses

"The hunchback is Everyman, and the hump is his burden. We all have burdens. The point is, as he sits there on that box, he may be concerned, but at the place where the angel spirit's finger touches the hump, there's a little light. I did this to remind us that most growth comes through dealing with adversity. If you pray for strength, God sends you a set of weights. The floor is my classic checkerboard pattern, symbolizing the opposing aspects of life - the light and the dark, the day and night, the yin and the yang . . . The hunchback is sitting on a box that says literally, in Latin, 'after clouds, sun.' That's supposed to remind all of us to always look for the silver lining."

James C. Christensen
"Professor of Imagination"

Sometimes the Spirit Touches Us Through Our Weaknesses
1999 Release
Limited to 1,950
(Sold Out at Publisher)


Christensen explained "Although I like to think of the world as my classroom I cannot possibly teach enough people as I'd like on my own. So like everyone else, sometimes I ask for a little help form my 'friends.'" Allow the Fish Wizard—identified by his fish, my favorite symbol for unexpected everyday magic—to introduce himself. Carrying the weight of his responsibilities in the hump of his back, he travels around to preach the good word and keep out a mindful eye for fresh recruits who share in my favorite notion that 'Believing is Seeing.' (Are you one of them?) He carries a staff with the Latin benediction 'blessed is the little fish.'
James Christensen

The Fish Wizard -- Purveyor of Imagination
The Fish Wizard –
Purveyor of Imagination

Spring 1999 Release
Limited to 1,500
(Sold Out at Publisher)
Each porcelain and Pearl Bisque™ piece in The Greenwich Workshop® Collection has a "year mark" to signify the year the piece was produced. Click the specific James Christensen year marks below, for a list of the pieces introduced in that year.
fish - 1995
faerie - 1996
HMS Basset - 1997
four-leaf clover - 1998
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