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PJ and Scott Gustafson - The Greenwich Workshop
PJ and Scott Gustafson "Treasures for the Child in Each of Us"

The Greenwich Workshop

The Greenwich Workshop

Scott Gustafson
Scott Gustafson


Scott Gustafson The tilt of a head . . . the gleam of an eye . . . the subtlety of expression . . . Scott Gustafson – the newest artist in The Greenwich Workshop Collection – breathes new life in all the famous fairy tale folk he creates or interprets with a vibrant sense of character and movement. He combines real emotions, real expressions, and real movement in fun, fantasy characters. It's the animation Scott brings to each of his works of art in porcelain that gives him his unique popularity.


Little Red Riding Hood And the Wolf
Little Red Riding Hood . . .
. . . And the Wolf

Limited Editions of 2,500


The more you view Little Red Riding Hood And the Wolf (sold separately) the more enjoyable their personalities become. He; all smooth-talking cunning behind a veil of moth-eaten charm, and she; innocently flattered by seemingly knowing what fate had in store at Grandma's house . . . !



Each porcelain and Pearl Bisque™ piece in The Greenwich Workshop® Collection has a "year mark" to signify the year the piece was produced. Click the specific Scott Gustafson year marks below, for a list of the figurines introduced in that year.
Book - 1997
Froggy - 1998
1997 Year Mark 1998 Year Mark 2001 Year Mark

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