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PJ and Will Bullas - The Greenwich Workshop
Will Bullas "the fine art of fun"

The Greenwich Workshop

The Greenwich Workshop

Will Bullas
Will Bullas

Will Bullas Humor can always bring a smile and change your attitude, at least for a couple of minutes. I consider myself a conceptualist, really. Art should be seen and then talked about. With my art, you have to see it to get it because the image is the set-up and the title is the pay-off for the humor. If you have the choice between a smile and a frown, go with the smile, I always say. It gives me a lot of pleasure to know that my work makes the world a more humorous place.
— W.B.


secret agent...
secret agent . . .
  a fool moon...
a fool moon . . .
Limited Edition of 900

Supermom . . .

Child-of-the-media Will loved both Superman and all those long-suffering 1950's TV moms, so he combined them, with great respect, to honor those wonderful women who raised their children well with strength and smarts. With this work of porcelain art, Bullas proclaims: "Here's to you, moms!"

trick or treat...
trick or treat . . .
and head of the class...
head of the class . . .


Zippo... the fire-eater
Zippo . . . the fire-eater


bedtime buddies...
bedtime buddies . . .

Each porcelain and Pearl Bisque™ piece in The Greenwich Workshop® Collection has a "year mark" to signify the year the piece was produced. Click the specific Will Bullas year marks below, for a list of the figurines introduced in that year.
One Foot - 1995
Two Foot - 1996
Duck Head - 1997
Fool Head - 1998
1995 Year Mark 1996 Year Mark 1997 Year Mark 1998 Year Mark

1999 Year Mark

2000 Year Mark

2001 Year Mark

2002 Year Mark

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