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The Audience - HCAU
"The Audience"

Code Issued Name Description SRP
HCAR 1996 "The Arch" Circus Arch $80.00
HCCR 1996 "Circus Ring" Circus Ring $100.00
HCAU 1996 "The Audience" Audience $150.00
HCBA 1996 "Ball Brothers" Seals $35.00
HCBE 1996 "Il Bendi" Contortionist $35.00
HCCA 1996 "The Olde Time Carousel" Carousel, Horses $35.00
HCCL 1996 "Beppo and Barney The Clowns" Clowns $35.00
HCCO 1996 "Clever Constantine" Alligator $35.00
HCES 1996 "Great Escapo" Escape Artist $35.00
HCHE 1996 "Henry The Human Cannonball" Human Cannonball $35.00
HCLI 1996 "Lionel Loveless" Strong Man $35.00
HCPA 1996 "Pavareata, The Little Big Girl" Fat Lady $35.00
HCRI 1996 "The Ringmaster" Ringmaster, Ostrich $35.00
HCRO 1996 "Road Dogs" Dog Clowns $35.00
HCSE 1996 "Mr. Sediment's Superior Victuals" Snack Vendor $35.00
HCSU 1996 "Suave St. John, The Tamarind Tiger" Tiger, Lady $35.00
HCTO 1996 "The Magician's Top Hat" Rabbit $35.00
HCVL 1996 "Vlad The Impaler" Sword Swallower $35.00
HCWI 1996 "Winston The Lion Tamer" Lion Tamer $35.00

HCSET 1996 "Harmony Circus Set" LE 1,000
Monogrammed and Numbered
HCZLEMA 1998 "Madeline of the High Wire" Trapeze Artist
LE 10,000
HCZLECL 1998 "Bozini The Clown" Clown
LE 10,000
HCLESER 1998 "The Harmony Circus Serigraph" LE 1,000
Signed and Numbered

The Circus retired July 15, 1998

David Lawrence

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