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LE The Sterling Rose - HGLESR
Limited Edition "The Sterling Rose"

The Harmony Garden Collection by artistic director, Martin Perry,
combines elegance with humour.
Follow the adventures of Lord Byron, the ladybug, as he travels from flower to flower.


Code Issued Name Lord Byron SRP
HGCH 1997 "Crysanthemum" Star Gazing at the Plant-a-tarium $38.50
HGCR 1997 "Cranberry" On his way to work with Suitcase $38.50
HGDA 1997 "Daisy" Watching Films at the Video Lounge $38.50
HGHY 1997 "Hydrangea" Flower Box Factory $38.50
HGHY2 1997 "Hyacinth" Hyacinth Gym $38.50
HGMG 1997 "Morning Glory" Suitcase with Gifts and Flowers $38.50
HGMM 1997 "Marsh Marigold" Motorcycle on the Wall of Doom $38.50
HGPL 1997 "Peace Lily" Pipe Organ in the Music Room $38.50
HGRH 1997 "Rhododendron" Playing Golf at the Country Club $38.50
HGSD 1997 "Snow Drop" LB opens door to an empty room $38.50
HGBE 1998 "Begonia" Soccer with Gordy the Goalie Spider $45.00
HGCA 1998 "Cactus" Tends Queen Bee's Flowers $45.00
HGFM 1998 "Forget Me Not" Debate with Bergson the Blue Bug $45.00
HGGA 1998 "Gardenia" Fishing in Gardenia Straits $45.00
HGIR 1998 "Iris" Jams with Cricket Charlie $45.00
HGPE 1998 "Peony" Tea with Queen Bee $45.00
HGRB 1998 "Rose Bud" Flowers for Legs the Caterpillar $45.00
HGSN 1998 "Snapdragon" Dives from Snapdragon Cliffs $45.00
HGSU 1998 "Sunflower" LB leaves from Sunflower Station $45.00
HG3AL 1999 "Alpine Flower" Skiing on the Alpine slopes $45.00
HG3GI 1999 "Gill" Deep Sea Charter to lands unknown $45.00
HG3HO 1999 "Hops" Frauline Emmet in the Hops Bier Garten $45.00
HG3HP 1999 "Hot Peppers" Hideaway in Palermo, Italy $45.00
HG3MA 1999 "Marigold" Venetian rendezvous with Legs $45.00
HG3OR 1999 "Orange" Spain's arena with Mighty Toro $45.00
HG3PO 1999 "Ponegranate" Carrying the Olympic torch in Athens $45.00
HG3SU 1999 "Sunflower" Painting in the South of France $45.00
HG3TU 1999 "Tulip" LB plugs a leaky dam $45.00


Code Issued Name Description SRP
HGLERR 1997 "Single Red Rose" Limited Edition 3,600 $38.50
HGLEWR 1997 "Single White Rose" Limited Edition 3,600 $38.50
HGLEYR 1997 "Single Yellow Rose" Limited Edition 3,600 $38.50
HGLEPR 1997 "Single Pink Rose" Limited Edition 3,600 $38.50
HGLEVR 1997 "Single Violet Rose" Limited Edition 3,600 $38.50
HGLEOR 1997 "Single Peach Rose" Limited Edition 3,600 $38.50
HGLELR 1997 "Rose Basket" Limited Edition 3,600 $65.00
HGLESR 1998 "The Sterling Rose" Sterling Silver - LE 1,000 $400.00
HGLELR2 1998 "Rose Party" Limited Edition 5,000 $100.00
HGLEDRR 1998 "Double Red Rose" Limited Edition 5,000 $55.00
HGLEDYR 1998 "Double Yellow Rose" Limited Edition 5,000 $55.00
HGLEDVR 1998 "Double Violet Rose" Limited Edition 5,000 $55.00
HGLEDSR 1999 "The Double Sterling Rose" Sterling Silver - LE 1,500 $500.00


Code Issued Name Description SRP
HG3LEBQC 1999 "Christmas Bouquet" Limited Edition 5,000 $55.00
HG3LEBQE 1999 "Easter Bouquet" Limited Edition 5,000 $55.00
HG3LEBQH 1999 "Halloween Bouquet" Limited Edition 5,000 $55.00
HG3LEBQM 1999 "Mother's Day Bouquet" Limited Edition 5,000 $55.00


Code Issued Name Description SRP
RW97SUR 1997 "The Sunflower" Member's Redemption Piece $70.00
RW98MU 1998 "The Mushroom" Member's Redemption Piece $120.00


Martin Perry, Monique Baldwin, Martin Perry Studios

Limited to most 1990s introductions.

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Updated: August 4, 2020