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Code Issued Name Description Artist SRP
TJXLFO 1994 "Hold That Line" Football Players - 1st in Series PC $100.00
TJXLPE 1994 "Antarctic Antics" Penguins - 2nd in Series PC $100.00
TJXLHO 1994 "Mad Dogs & Englishmen" Hounds - 3rd in Series PC $100.00
TJXLBA 1995 "Open Mike" Musicians - 4th in Series PC $100.00


The Garden Prince - TJZFR
"The Garden Prince"

Code Issued Name Description Artist SRP
TJZBA 1997 "Count Belfry" Bat, pendant DL $17.50
TJZBE 1997 "Lord Busby" Bear, pendant DL $17.50
TJZCA 1996 "Ladies in Waiting" Cats, pendant PC $17.50
TJZEL 1997 "Earl of Oswald" Elephant, pendant DL $17.50
TJZFI 1996 "Royal Flotilla" Fish, pendant PC $17.50
TJZFR 1996 "The Garden Prince" Frog, pendant PC $17.50
TJZLI 1997 "Duc de Lyon" Lion, pendant DL $17.50
TJZMO 1997 "Major Parker" Monkey, pendant DL $17.50
TJZOW 1996 "Yeoman of the Guard" Owl, pendant PC $17.50
TJZPI 1996 "Baroness Trotter" Pig, pendant PC $17.50
TJZRA 1997 "Marquis de Blanc" Rabbit, pendant DL $17.50
TJZTU 1996 "Courtiers at Rest" Turtles, pendant PC $17.50
TJZLESSFR 1999 "Sterling Silver Garden Prince" Frog, SS pendant - Limited Edition 5,000 RG $65.00
TJZLESSLB 1999 "Sterling Silver Lord Byron" Lord Byron, SS pendant - LE 5,000 RG $65.00
TJZLESSPI 1999 "Sterling Silver Baroness Trotter" Pig, SS pendant - Limited Edition 5,000 RG $65.00


Code Issued Name Description Artist SRP
ANBO 1996 "Bon Chance" Tooth Fairy DL $35.00
ANFL 1996 "Fleur-de-lis" Angel with Flowers DL $35.00
ANGE 1996 "Gentil Homme" Angel with Heart on Pillow DL $35.00
ANIN 1996 "Ingenue" Angel Sitting DL $35.00
ANJO 1996 "Joie de Vivre" Angel with Rabbit DL $35.00


Code Issued Name Description Artist SRP
TJPPF 1995 "Paradise Found" Angels PC $35.00
TJPPL 1995 "Paradise Lost" Devils PC $35.00


Code Issued Name Description Artist SRP
TJSEY2K 1998 "Y2HK" Boat - Multi-compartment MR $175.00


MP=Martin Perry / Martin Perry Studios
PC=Peter Calvesbert, RG=Robert Glover, DL=David Lawrence, MR=Mark Rickets

Limited to most 1990s introductions.

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Updated: August 4, 2020