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Harmony Kingdom has divided the Small Treasure Jests® into five groups:


Tony's Tabbies - TJCA7
"Tony's Tabbies"

Code Issued Name Description Artist SRP
TJBB 1999 "Caw of the Wild" Blue Jay PC $45.00
TJBD 1999 "The Last Laugh" Dodo Bird PC $45.00
TJBM 1999 "Pecking Order" Bird/Dog/Cat PC $45.00
TJBP 1999 "The Great Escape" Parrots PC $45.00
TJBR 1999 "Trudus Felidae" Robin/Cat PC $45.00
TJCA 1994 "Purrfect Friends" Cats PC $35.00
TJCA3 1995 "Furr Ball" Cats PC $35.00
TJCA5 1996 "Rumble Seat" Cats PC $45.00
TJCA7 1997 "Tony's Tabbies" Cats PC $35.00
TJCA8 1998 "Algenon" Cat PC $45.00
TJCO 1995 "Jersey Belles" Cows PC $35.00
TJEA 1996 "Liberty & Justice" Eagle PC $45.00
TJHO 1994 "Dog Days" Hounds PC $35.00
TJHO2 1996 "Nic-Nac Paddy Whack" Hounds PC $35.00
TJHO3 1999 "Dead Ringer" Bulldogs PC $45.00
TJHU 1995 "Sweet Serenade" Hummingbird PC $35.00
TJMA2 1997 "Photo Finish" Mares PC $45.00
TJMC 1994 "Too Much of a Good Thing" Mice/Cat PC $35.00
TJOW2 1995 "Wise Guys" Owls PC $35.00
TJPI2 1996 "Hog Heaven" Pigs PC $35.00
TJPU 1997 "In Fine Feather" Puffins PC $45.00
TJRA2 1995 "At The Hop" Rabbits PC $35.00
TJSK 1999 "Foul Play" Skunks PC $45.00
TJTB 1999 "Petty Teddies" aka "Perished Teddies" Teddy Bears/Dog PC $45.00


Code Issued Name Description Artist SRP
TJBE 1995 "Life's a Picnic" Bears PC $35.00
TJBV 1995 "Damnable Plot" Beavers PC $35.00
TJHE3 1996 "Close Shave" Hedgehogs PC $35.00
TJKA 1998 "Baby Boomer" Kangaroos PC $45.00
TJKO 1994 "Family Tree" Koalas PC $35.00
TJMA 1995 "Unbridled & Groomed" Mares PC $35.00
TJPA 1997 "Bamboozled" Panda PC $45.00
TJRC 1998 "Rocky's Raiders" Raccoons PC $45.00


Code Issued Name Description Artist SRP
TJAE 1998 "Antipasto" Anteaters PC $45.00
TJAL2 1998 "Croc Pot" Alligators PC $45.00
TJCB2 1996 "Brean Sands" Crab PC $35.00
TJCH 1996 "Changing of the Guard" Chameleons PC $35.00
TJFL 1996 "Pink Paradise" Flamingos PC $35.00
TJFR2 1994 "Tongue and Cheek" Frogs PC $35.00
TJFR3 1998 "Ménage à Trois" Frogs PC $45.00
TJPE 1994 "Unexpected Arrival" Penguins PC $35.00
TJPL 1996 "Down Under" Platypus PC $35.00
TJTO 1995 "Puddle Huddle" Toads PC $35.00
TJTU 1993 "Shell Game" Turtles PC $35.00
TJTU2 1998 "Wishful Thinking" Turtle PC $45.00


All Angles Covered - TJME
"All Angles Covered"

Code Issued Name Description Artist SRP
TJCM 1999 "Package Tour" Camel PC $45.00
TJEL2 1996 "Trumpeters' Ball" Elephants PC $45.00
TJGI 1997 "Friends in High Places" Giraffes PC $45.00
TJLE 1997 "Sleepy Hollow" Leopards PC $35.00
TJLI 1997 "Faux Paw" Lions PC $45.00
TJME 1994 "All Angles Covered" Meer Cats PC $35.00
TJMO 1994 "Inside Joke" Monkeys PC $35.00
TJBP2 1999 "When Nature Calls" Polar Bear PC $45.00
TJSA 1995 "Ed's Safari" Elephant, Safari PC $35.00
TJSA2 1998 "Ed's Safari II" Animals, Safari PC $45.00
TJTI 1993 "Of the Same Stripe" Tigers PC $35.00
TJOW2 1999 "Peace Summit" Wolf/Beaver PC $45.00
TJZE 1997 "Driver's Seat" Zebra PC $45.00


Code Issued Name Description Artist SRP
TJDO 1994 "Sunday Swim" Dolphins PC $35.00
TJES 1998 "Aria Amorosa" Elephant Seals PC $45.00
TJFI 1993 "School's Out" Fish PC $35.00
TJFI2 1994 "Play School" Fish PC $35.00
TJSH 1996 "Tin Cat" Sharks PC $35.00
TJWH2 1997 "Whale of a Time" Whales PC $35.00
TJWH3 1997 "Splashdown" Whale PC $45.00
TJWH4 1998 "Catch A Lot" Whale PC $45.00


MP=Martin Perry Studios
PC=Peter Calvesbert

Limited to most 1990s introductions.

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