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Awaiting A Kiss - TJLFR
"Awaiting a Kiss"

Code Issued Name Description Artist SRP
TJLCB 1993 "Step Aside" Crab PC $55.00
TJLDO 1992 "On a Roll" Dolphin PC $55.00
TJLDU2 1990 "Quiet Waters" Duck MP $55.00
TJLDU3 1990 "Keeping Current" Duck MP $55.00
TJLDU4 1990 "Drake's Fancy" Duck MP $55.00
TJLFI 1991 "Journey Home" Fish PC $55.00
TJLFR 1991 "Awaiting a Kiss" Frog PC $55.00
TJLHE 1991 "Sunnyside Up" Hedgehog PC $55.00
TJLHI 1991 "Straight From The Hip" Hippopotamus PC $55.00
TJLMA 1997 "Terra Incognita" Mares DL $75.00
TJLPE 1995 "Holding Court" Penguins PC $55.00
TJLPI 1991 "Pen Pals" Pigs PC $55.00
TJLTI 1993 "Pride and Joy" Tigers PC $55.00
TJLTU 1994 "One Step Ahead" Turtle PC $55.00
TJLWA 1991 "Tea for Two" Walrus PC $55.00


Code Issued Name Description Artist SRP
TJRLCA 1996 "Rather Large Friends" Cats PC $65.00
TJRLRA 1996 "Rather Large Hop" Rabbits PC $65.00
TJRLSA 1996 "Rather Large Safari" Elephants, Safari PC $65.00
TJRLTO 1996 "Rather Large Huddle" Toads PC $65.00


Code Issued Name Description Artist SRP
TJXXLTU 1995 "Primordial Soup" Turtles PC $150.00


MP=Martin Perry / Martin Perry Studios
PC=Peter Calvesbert, DL=David Lawrence

Limited to most 1990s introductions.

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Updated: April 21, 2019