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PJ's Collectible Corner

PJ and James C. Christensen - Gregory Editions Fine Art

Gregory Editions Fine Art

James Christensen
James Christensen
The Greenwich Workshop

James Christensen - Limited Edition Bronze
James Christensen
Limited Edition Bronze

Gregory Editions Fine Art
James Christensen's
Gregory Editions
Fine Art

Image size: 22 1/2"w x 30"h
from the artist's original oil painting
Retired April 15, 1998


1. Moon Luck
2. Falling Stars
3. Wishing Stars
4. Red Sky at Night
5. Candle in the Window
6. Stork's Nest
7. Chimney Sweep
8. Relic Bones in Walls
9. Swallow and Nest
10. Don't Stomp That Spider!
11. Widow's Peak
12. Tossing Burnt Toast
13. Poor Little Number Thirteen
14. Leaving Fruit in the Tree
15. Hanging Eggs Outside
16. The King's Healing Touch
17. Catching Leaves
18. Oranges
19. A Frog in the Mouth
20. Lizard-Licking
21. Sneezing
22. Four-Leafed Clover
23. Knocking on Wood
24. Two Crows
25. Horseshoe
26. Beware the Black Cat . . . Maybe
27. Protected by the Cross
28. Tossing Salt over Your Shoulder
29. Spitting for Luck
30. Broken Mirror Syndrome
31. Butterflies
32. Three Magpies Means a Wedding
33. A Kiss for Luck
34. Mistletoe
35. Holly
36. Ivy's Lucky for the Groom
37. Roses for Luck in Love
38. Something Old, Something New
39. Something Borrowed
40. Something Blue
41. Rice Thrown for Luck
42. Long Hair
43. Throwing Wedding Cake
44. Throwing the Bride's Bouquet
45. Third Finger for the Ring
46. Dropping a Spoon
47. Robin Redbreast
48. Walking under a Ladder
49. Crossing One's Fingers
50. Garlic Protection
51. Opening an Umbrella Indoors
52. Wishbone
53. Feather for Luck
54. Rub a Hunchback's Hump
55. Don't Scare That Toad
56. Beetle Work
57. Six Fingers Are Lucky
58. Different Socks
59. Itchy Foot
60. King of Mackerel
61. Put a Knife in a Mast
62. Always Enter a Boat from the Right
63. Whistling on a Ship
64. Throwing a Broom
65. Women on a Ship Are Unlucky
66. Cats Are Lucky on a Ship
67. A Peg Leg is Lucky
68. Porpoise Protection
69. Seagulls Ashore
70. The Kingfisher Weathervane
71. Swans' Spirits
72. The Hare's or Rabbit's Foot

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