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Laurel Burch began designing jewelry to sell on the streets of San Francisco's Haight Ashbury in the 1960's. As the sole supporter of two infants from a failed marriage, and suffering from the continual broken bones of osteopetrosis, she survived by fashioning unique ornaments from the coins, wire, bones and beads she found. Laurel would often give away the jewelry that a passer-by admired; the admiration for her work and the self-worth she received was more important than money.

Laurel Burch's retail business was born with folk art galleries along the California coast. As more people became "Laurel Burch Collectors," her reputation grew by word-of-mouth. In 1971, both Vogue and Harper's Bazaar featured her pieces.

Laurel made her first trip to China in 1972 – the same year she discovered the ancient art of cloisonné and became the first American designer to establish a workplace in the People's Republic, so she could offer her jewelry in quantity and still maintain the handmade quality.



Songs of the Earth Her vision of a peaceful world and reverence for all living things is obvious in her continuous efforts for the homeless, hungry, and disabled, AIDS charities, children's causes, conservation and her concern for the general health and well-being of people all over the globe.


Following her success with jewelery, Laurel's creativity flourished. Just some of that included hand-carved figurines and masks produced in Indonesia. This is just a quick sample of previously released figurines.


Mythical Cat Mask

Kindred Spirits


Flowering Feline

"Mythical Cat Mask"       
"Kindred Spirits"
     "Flowering Feline"


Balinese Carp
"Balinese Fish"
Balinese Carp           Balinese Carp


"Kindred Spirits" - grey
"Kindred Spirits"

Laurel Burch Merchandise
Assorted Laurel Burch Merchandise



Woman's Spirit Blossoming
"Woman's Spirit Blossoming"

In awe, am I, of the beauty of Balinese Daughters offering morning prayers at the rivers edge . . . and black African mothers chanting their babies into sleep with ancient lullabies. With happy hearts, sisters in Central America weave ribbons and flowers in their braids for a village celebration, white at the same moment elderly women in India sing soulful songs to mourn the loss of loved ones.

On a rainy day in China, two little girls walk to school, giggling under the same umbrella, while some old friends in Sausalito have tea and speak of their quest for wisdom, and notice new strands of silver in their hair. All such rituals express diverse yet similar spirit among the Women of the World. Common threads tie all mothers, daughters, sisters, elders, friends to each other, weaving a timeless tapestry rich in the colours of life and legacy.

I created the imagery for this Collection as a means of encouraging the blossoming of Woman Spirit, and embracing ~ in these small, treasurable embodiments, a fraction of the immense heart of Womankind.
— Laurel

Laurel Burch

Laurel Burch
December 31, 1945 — September 13, 2007


Laurel Burch

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