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Lladro: Leda and the Swan  
Leda And The Swan


Drifting Through Dreamland
Drifting Through Dreamland

Lladró has a unique style with their porcelain figurines. All hand made in Spain, the flowers have captured my interest. If you ever have the opportunity to attend a "Flower Maker's Event," do so. The detail the select artists put into each petal and leaf is fascinating to watch as the flowers come to life.

Flower Maker's Event Piece
Flower Maker's Event Piece

Fragrant Bouquet
Fragrant Bouquet - 8"h


Spring Egg
Spring Egg - 5 1/4"h

Summer Egg
Summer Egg - 5 1/4"h

Fall Egg
Fall Egg - 5 1/4"h

Winter Egg
Winter Egg - 5 1/4"h

How Skillful!
How Skillful! - 9"w
Retired 2004

Kitty Confrontation
Kitty Confrontation - 4 3/4"w
Retired 1991

A Wish Come True
A Wish Come True - 9 1/2"h
Lladró Society
Members-Only Figurine 1999


Love's Tender Tokens
Love's Tender Tokens - 9"h

Gazebo In Bloom
Gazebo In Bloom - 20"h
2001 Limited Edition 2,000
Retired 2007

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