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I've always been captivated by the grace and beauty of swans.
Lladró has recreated that beauty into several porcelain figurines.
Below is just a sample.


Swan with Wings Spread
Swan with Wings Spread - 7 1/2"h
Retired 2007

White Swan
White Swan - 4"h
Retired 2010

White Swan with Flowers
White Swan with Flowers - 4"h
Retired 2004

Follow Me
Follow Me - 6 1/2"h
Retired 2004

Graceful Swan
Graceful Swan - 8 3/4"h
Retired 2000

Endless Love
Endless Love Swans - 5 1/8"h x 10 5/8"w

Drifting Through Dreamland
Drifting Through Dreamland Swan - 6 1/4"h

Swans Take Flight
Swans Take Flight with base - 28"h x 27 1/2"w

Majestic Swan
Majestic Swan with base - 16"h x 18 3/4"w
Limited Edition 1,000
Sold Out

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Updated: August 4, 2020