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PipkaPipka, a folk artist and teacher. She created her treasured Old World Santas in her cottage in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin in the village of Sister Bay.

Pipka was born in Slovakia and raised in Germany and came to America with her parents and brother after World War II. Her family settled in North Dakota. As a young girl in a new country, Pipka spent her days learning the ways of her new American friends, yet the customs and values of Germany were never far from her heart. Later Pipka moved to Minneapolis, MN, where her interest in folk art accelerated.

Where's Rudolph?Her mother, while visiting relatives in Germany, sent Pipka a package filled with art supplies, wooden boxes, and instruction books on Bauermalerei – Bavarian peasant painting. Pipka open the package, picked up the brush and has never put it down. As a self-taught artist, Pipka has developed her own unique style that reflects her interest and her heritage.

Pipka spent many years painting Bavarian florals on furniture and accessories, making her one of the premier designers in the Decorative Painting Industry. One long winter day, Pipka was snow bound in her studio. On that quiet snowflake day, she was inspired to design her first Father Christmas image, a Russian Santa, as a gift from her mother. It was the beginning of Pipka's love of Old World Santas, their stories, myths and traditions.

Pipka celebrated Christmas and life all year round by designing her European inspired Santas and Angels. She shared her passion for folk art by teaching her painting techniques and reciting the stories of the rich traditions of Father Christmas to students and Christmas enthusiasts throughout the world.

            Where's Rudolph?


Pipka's Old World Santas were produced since 1995. The early editions of this popular 10" to 11" tall line, Memories of Christmas, has been sold out, as well as the boxed sets. The "boxed sets" are one each of the same limited edition number in the edition size of 3,600. The edition size was increased to 4,500 with 1999 production, and reduced to 3,200 in 2005.

Reflections of Christmas were a smaller 6 1/4" version of the sold out 'Memories' pieces, in an edition size of 9,700. These also included some new designs that were not issued as larger pieces.

Stories of Christmas, 4" tall ornaments were introduced in 1997. They can stand alone or hang.

Earth Angels were produced in a limited edition size of 5,400 and stood 9 1/2" tall. Prizm began this Pipka collection in 1996. The edition size was reduced to 2,500 in 2000. After the 2001 production the line was discontinued.

The Madonna Collection began with the 'Queen of Roses' in 1998. A miniature Madonna collection began in 2004.

Pipka Memories of Christmas Collector's Club began in 1998. Charter Membership in the club ended December 31, 1999.

Midnight Visitor
Midnight Visitor

Each cold cast resin figurine was handcrafted to reflect Pipka’s unique creative touch that made her one of this country's beloved folk artists. Based on the original paintings by Pipka, the figurines were sculpted by Master Sculptor, Gaylord Ho; then handpainted. Each Limited Edition figurine was numbered and included a "Request for Certificate of Authenticity."

Gary Meidinger and Michele Johnson had successfully worked together in the gift industry for many years. Upon meeting Pipka, they decided to establish a company to produce collectible and gift products using Pipka’s designs and motifs exclusively. On May 2, 1994, Gary and Michele formed Prizm Inc., the beginning of their dreams.

Prizm began sharing that dream on March 23, 1995 when the first shipments of ‘Pipka’s Memories of Christmas’ Santas were delivered to collectible and specialty shops around the country. In 1996 additional Old World Santas were added to the line and in the fall of 1996 ‘Pipka's Earth Angels’ were introduced.

Pipka's creative environment was in Door County, Wisconsin, and "an enhanced cottage" in Sister Bay is where her work was seen. Pipka now specializes in her Almond Cake, as a baker, artist, and shopkeeper in beautiful Door County.



Now Pipka specializes as a baker, artist, and shopkeeper. Baking is her passion. For years she served her customers a sample of her version of her family's almond cake as a friendly greeting. The original recipe was handed down to her by her German grandmother. "It's just one recipe, one bowl, and seven ingredients, (Although no one believes it when they taste it!)"

"Because the samples became so popular, people started asking for the recipe, the pan I bake it in, and the many variations I make by adding apricots, chocolate chips, and much more. What else could I do but import my special baker's grade pan from Germany and create the Pipka's Almond Cake Cakelet Recipe Book? Now many people all over the country are baking, sharing and loving this cake; creating family traditions of their own. The icing on the cake? I offer other items to bring joy to baking and entertaining!" — Pipka

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Pipka's Almond Cake

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