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Some of the best crystal in the world is produced in France.

This is just a small sample of some of the exquisite work from Saint-Louis.


Saint-Louis - Tommy
Saint-Louis - Tommy
Saint-Louis - Tommy




Close-up of the cut
detail of Tommy

Saint-Louis - Tommy detail


Cristalleries de Saint-Louis


For as long as can be remembered, the province of Lorraine, on the eastern border of France, has been a region graced with rich sand and expansive forests. Supported by the abundance of these natural resources, the art of making glass flourished in this area.

The glassworks of Saint-Louis was originally known as Münzthal when it was founded in 1586. Almost two centuries later, in 1767, Louis XV granted the glassworks of Münzthal the honorable title of "Verreries Royales" and placed it under the protection of his patron saint, "Saint-Louis."

On the eve of the French Revolution, the House of Saint-Louis was the first on the Continent to perfect the manufacture of lead crystal. In 1781,The Royal Academy of Sciences acknowledged the high quality of this crystal when they recognized Saint-Louis as a Cristallerie.

Saint-Louis played a central role in crystal's golden age of the 19th century. The House's art revealed major technical and ornamental innovations: the master of color, the discovery of crystal opaline, the application of fine 24 karat gold, the development of new engraving and cutting techniques, and the production of the first millefiori paperweights and filigreed pieces. Each of these artistic dimensions remains present in the current collection.

In the House's rich history, the 20th century has proven to be as illustrious as the previous three. Today, the master craftsmen of Saint-Louis, as they have for over four hundred years, continue to blow crystal by mouth. Cutters and gilders shape and decorate each piece with their hands and thus each Saint-Louis creation is unique. These exceptional artisans, who have perfected their talents under the tutelage of their grandparents, and who will in turn train their own grandchildren, are considered to be among the finest craftsmen in the world.

Over the centuries, Saint-Louis has been coveted by kings, emperors, heads of state and connoisseurs. Saint-Louis is an integral part of French cultural heritage as it continues to blend a sense of tradition with contemporary relevance.

Saint-Louis - Apollo Gold
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