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PJ's Collectible Corner

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Cardew Design
Cardew Design
Teapots, Teapots, & Teapots
"The world's most unique ceramics"


Mickey Stove - Cardew Design Teapot
"Mickey Stove, Large"
Disney Showcase Collection
Charming Tails
Charming Tails

Charming Tails Membership Piece
"Thank You!"
Charming Tails – The Leaf & Acorn Club
Charter Membership Piece

Crinkle Claus
Crinkle Claus – Possible Dreams

CC 905001
"Crinkle Basketeer"
Crinkle Claus – Charter Member Free Gift


Funny Galore - Funny Cats
Funny Galore / Funny Cats
Designed by Mary-Ann Orr

Pussy Galore
"Pussy Galore"
from Mary-Ann Orr's
Funny Galore / Funny Cats Line

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